CS X51: Getting Started

Thank you for buying the CS X51! This guide should help to get you started with the minimum of effort, however if you are looking for a more detailed guide or some tips, tutorials and downloads, then please visit the Machinewerks website at https://www.machinewerks.co.uk/category/support.

There are two distinct ways to use the CS X51, depending on your requirements – either to a computer via the USB connection or to other MIDI devices using the MIDI ports:

Connecting By USB

Using the supplied USB cable, connect the CS X51 to a spare USB port on your computer. If you are using a USB hub, then make sure that this is powered so that the CS X51 has a proper power supply.

Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) – Within a few seconds the computer should detect the device and display the “Found New Hardware” message. Confirm any dialog boxes and wait for the message that states “Your Device Is Ready To Use”. This indicates that the installation is complete and the CS X51 is ready to use.

Mac OSX – Within a couple of seconds of plugging in, the computer should install the drivers silently in the background. Simply open your music software and get playing.

You can now launch your MIDI software (DAW or DJ software) and enable the CS X51 in the “MIDI device” preferences. This exact way to do this will vary between different software, however this controller will always identify itself as “CS X51”. Check the instructions for your software for details of how to enable and map external MIDI controllers.

Connecting By MIDI

If you are not using a computer, then you first need to attach a 9v DC Power supply (centre pin positive). Unlike USB, the 5 Pin MIDI connections do not provide a suitable power supply.

To control your hardware, you need to ensure that the MIDI Out from the CS X51 is connected to the MIDI In of your hardware device. If you connect a MIDI Out from your hardware to the MIDI In of the CS X51, then this will enable the LED feedback, however this is not necessary for basic control.

LED Indicators

On the side panel of the CS X51 are two indicator LEDs that will help you to check that the unit is operating correctly:

  • The RED “power” indicator will show that the unit is correctly powered.
  • The BLUE “CPU” indicator will pulse slowly to show that the main processor is active. It will then flash as MIDI data is sent or received.

Customising the Default Configuration

For some situations, it may be necessary to change the default MIDI message assignments for individual controls. This can be done with the Machinewerks Editor which is available from our website as a free download: https://www.machinewerks.co.uk/category/support.

This software will allow you to customise the type of MIDI message and values transmitted by each individual control. It will also allow you to save and load custom mappings so they can be recalled at a later time or shared with other users.

Genaral Safety and Precautions For Use

The intended use of the CS X51 is for it work in conjunction with other hardware and software that complies with the MIDI protocol and specification. The CS X51 is intended for indoor use and should not be kept in direct or prolonged sunlight. Keep it well away from moisture, liquids, chemicals, dust, dirt, extreme heat and humidity. Do not connect the device to equipment that does not comply with the specified standards or regulations. Ensure that you follow the instructions for other equipment carefully when connecting the CS X51. Do not open the case or tamper with the components within. Failure to use the device within these guidelines may cause damage and void the warranty. And do not attach wheels and ride it like a skateboard, it might be fun but we won’t be impressed.


Machinewerks Limited provides a 1 year guarantee for the proper manufacture of the materials supplied, in full compliance with UK legislation and regulations. If you have a problem or believe a fault has occurred within this period, contact us via https://www.machinewerks.co.uk or at Machinewerks Limited, Aizlewoods Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG, UK for help and advice. This guarantee does not cover faults that occur as a result of misuse, inappropriate handling or accidental damage.