Machinewerks was founded in 2013 in Sheffield.  We make Control Surfaces and Synthesisers.

As individuals we’ve been involved in music, both as musicians and within the business itself, since 1979. Now we are making the jump from making music, touring and pressing records to developing the technology and creating the equipment we’ve always wanted to use. As a business we are obsessed with design, form and function, technology and building quality products in the UK.

For years we’ve been looking for a Control Surface that would work for us on the stage and in the studio. We’ve never found anything that matched our needs or price point. The options available didn’t have enough controls, are too big or just too heavy. Often it’s a combination of all three and few extras that blow it for us. So we set about designing the first product that meets the needs of a working musician. Something beautifully designed that gives pure control: The Machinewerks CS X51.

The people behind Machinewerks have over 30 years experience in making “things” and making things happen.

Martin is a musician, designer and instigator. As well as being 1/3 of The Black Dog he’s also worked for and started some of the leading software publishing companies in Sheffield. He’s obsessed with design, usability and not taking no for an answer. He lives and runs two successful companies in Sheffield.

Richard is a musician, programmer and strategist. Richard is another member of The Black Dog and in the past he’s also worked at some of Sheffield’s leading software companies. Since then he’s started two other successful companies that he now divides his time at. Richard’s coding skills and strategical outlook bring excellent balance when matched to the creative side of the company.

Darren is an engineer, designer and a master solderer. Darren has worked for many years in large Internet Hosting companies, designing and building enterprise level global hosting solutions. Being an obsessive music fan and musician has led Darren to design and build custom controllers and sound generating units. He’s a technical problem solver, coder, tinkerer, maker and

We also have a large team of talented people we work with to support our needs, providing expertise in engineering, CAD design, finance, product design, brand design, supply chain logistics and quality assurance.

All Machinewerks equipment is designed and hand built in Sheffield, UK and where humanly possible everything is sourced and manufactured in the UK. It may seem a little crazy in these times to start manufacturing again in the UK but we believe we have some of the best quality workmanship here and we are proud to be reinvesting in the future.