CS X51: Connecting to Ableton Live

This tutorial is to help with connecting the CS X51 to Ableton Live, enabling controller actions and LED feedback triggered by the software.

To get started:

  • Connect the CS X51 to the computer
  • Launch Ableton Live
  • Open the “Options > Preferences” window
  • Select the “MIDI Sync” tab

The CS X51 Ports

Under the list of “MIDI Ports”, the CS X51 should appear with four available ports, each with a distinct role in Ableton Live:

Input: CS X51 (Port 1) – Receive MIDI Note and CC data (the CS X51 controls) over USB
Input: CS X51 (Port 2) – Receive MIDI data from the external MIDI In
Output: CS X51 (Port 1) – Send CS X51 controller (MIDI Note and CC) data over USB
Output: CS X51 (Port 2) – Send MIDI data controller via the external MIDI Out

To use the CS X51 with a USB cable connected to Ableton Live, go to the “Input: CS X51” and the “Output: CS X51” devices, then set the “Track” and “Remote” options to ON.

The “Track” option enables Note and CC data, while the “Remote” option enables control over certain devices and parameters in Ableton Live.

Assigning Controls

The device is now ready for your custom control mappings. Click the “MIDI” switch in the top right-hand corner, select the item that you wish to control in Ableton. Then press a button or move a control on the CS X51 to assign it to the chosen item. Once you’re happy with the assignments, click the “MIDI” switch again to disable assignment mode.

Further Information

For further information about the Ableton Live MIDI ports: