CS X51: Connecting to NI Traktor

This tutorial is to help you to get started when connecting the Machinewerks CS X51 to Native Instrument’s Traktor DJ software, enabling remote control of the software and LED feedback.

To get started:

  • Connect the CS X51 to the computer
  • Launch Traktor
  • Open the “Preferences” window
  • Select “Controller Manager” from the left menu

Create A New MIDI Device

In the “Device Setup” section, go to the Device option, click Add and select “Generic MIDI” to create a new configuration for your CS X51. Then click “Edit” and select “Edit Comment” to enter a name for this configuration. It doesn’t matter exactly what you enter, just as long as it’s memorable to you.

To connect your hardware to this device map, “CS X51 (Port1)” from both the “In-Port” and “Out-Port” options.

Mapping Your Controls

The Assignment Table will show the list of configured controls once they are created, but it wil be empty to begin with.

For each control that you wish to assign, first click the Add In button and select the exact control that you’d like to assign from the menu. Click the Learn button and then touch the control on the CS X51 that you’d like to use. Once you disable the Learn button the control should operate the assigned control in Traktor and the details will be listed in the Assignment Table.

If you wish to modify the behaviour of this control further, set the options in the Mapping Details section. Now just work through each control in turn that you would like to assign.

Mapping Events to LEDs

This works a little differently as there is no Learn function for the LEDs. However you simply need to know what MIDI event is assigned to trigger each LED. If you are using the CS X51 in it’s default configuration, then all of the LEDs respond to specific MIDI notes. You can check this look-up table for details.

Once you know which LED you wish to assign, you can manually select the MIDI channel and controller form the list. For example, LED 1 on the CS X51 will respond to MIDI Note 60 (Middle C), so select an event, such as the “Play” button of a deck and assign it to this MIDI Note. If you now click the “Play” button the LED should light accordingly. You can also tie the button itself to trigger the “Play” button so that the both the button and LED work together.

Once Finished

Once this is complete the mappings will be saved for use in the future. You can also export this mapping by going to “Edit” and selecting “Export”. This exported file can then be saved as a back-up or be shared with other users.

Further Information

For further detailed information about Traktor, check the Native Instruments website at: