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Why We Need Your Help

We need your help complete the final stages of design, fabrication and manufacturing. We need to ensure the CAD designs are up to specification for producing the Machinewerks CS X51 on a large scale. We need to ensure our sources can supply all the parts with need and final we need to build the final PCB and test it both in the studio and live environment.

With your help we can make this project a reality and finally put a beautiful and functional Control Surface in the hands of all musicians and DJs everywhere.

Because of the nature of how Kickstarter works a lot of exclusive news, photos and videos will be shown on our Kickstarter Project page way before they are shown on our site, it seems like the fair thing to do for people who are supporting us. So if you want to be kept up to date it only cost a couple of quid and really helps us out. You won’t be disappointed.

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