Built In Sheffield

Sheffield once had a proud history of making things back in the 70s, everywhere you looked there’d be a workshop making something. The Little Mesters played a large part in the city’s success and created a unique network of highly skilled people working away in small workshops all across the city.

When Thatcher decided to take the unions apart , Sheffield changed from an industrial city that “made things” to a place providing for service industries. Many of those workshops that had survived into the 60’s into the 70’s finally closed. They either got boarded up, knocked down or rented out to bands to practice in. We even rented one in the early 80’s for £15 a month.

Since then,  smaller companies and individuals have been building new industries by starting to design, manufacture and build in Sheffield again. It’s something we take great pride in. You can see the network growing again with successful local companies like Pimoroni, The Brew Co. and Warp Films.

Machinewerks plans to be part of that network. Our plan has always been to source materials and talent from within South Yorkshire and the UK. We also intend to design and construct the units here in Sheffield, which allows us to keep a close eye on the production process and maintain the highest possible standards throughout.